Every time we receive an enquiry, we’re going to be putting both the question and the answer on this page, in order to help others with their questions and also to maintain consistency and clarity in the operations of the competition.

  • Q. Am I able to compete in flat shoes or no shoes at all?
  • A. No, for all categories (exempt Youth categories and Social Salsa Categories)  a minimum of 2.5 inch heel is required for ladies and proper Latin shoe or Cuban heel shoe for men. A penalty deduction of 2 point off the final score will be made if these requirements are not made.
  • Q. I have never competed before and have only been dancing salsa on and off for about 3 years altogether. I meet all the requirements as an amateur dancer and have asked someone to partner up with me assuming we would compete in the amateur division together but found out he has competed in the professional category. Does that mean that we have to compete in the professional category in salsa even though I am an Amateur?
  • Your competitor definition needs to be consistent across the board. This does mean that if you choose to compete with a Professional for any division, you will need to raise yourself up to that same level for all categories. You can choose to enter Pro-Am or Open Categories instead. 


  • Q. I just wanted to check if there was any leeway in regards to song if it runs over in terms of music? I just wanted to check the requirements in relation to this and if the 4 seconds would be an issue or if there was any grace on music?
  • A. In order to maintain fairness and avoid any issues or complications that might arise should another competitor dispute the song length, we are having to be quite strict with our regulations. That being the case, the music itself does need to be within the time frame of your division once you subtract silence from the track. If you do choose to risk it though, please be aware that this could result in a penalty with marks being deducted. Please see our rules for time specifics.
  • Q. Are there any rules in terms of the type of music they can choreograph the salsa to, i.e. does it have to technically be a salsa, or can it be to a modern/popular song with the 4/4 timing?
  • A. Yes, the music does need to have an authentic Salsa rhythm. 
  • Q. My team leader has completed the Team Registration Form already.  Do I need to complete an individual one?
  • A. Yes, each competitor need to submit the Individual form and pay their entry fee.


  • Q. I won’t be able to compete anymore and was just wondering if I am able to transfer my pass to someone else?
  • As per our Terms and Conditions, The Competitors pass is actually non-transferable to another person, however you can convert your Competitors pass to a full Spectators pass  for yourself, which still includes entry to the event.


  • Are Professionals allowed to enter Masters Category?
  • Yes, they are